Where can I browse and buy NFT’s? Top 10 NFT Platforms

You’ve read all about the NFT phenomenon, now it’s time to put that knowledge into investment and collecting. But where do you start? We’ve broken down 10 of the top NFT marketplaces to get you going on your NFT journey. From eBay-style sites like OpenSea, to the beautiful Instagram quality of KnownOrigin. A must-see for art lovers and tech-fanatics alike!


“The eBay of NFTs”

OpenSea was the very first marketplace for NFTs, and is currently the largest! Items are up for auction, or for sale at a fixed price or declining price. 

OpenSea has a range of tokens apart from art (trading cards, collectibles, domain names etc). The site supports ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens (meaning multiple NFTs can be grouped and managed together)

As a bonus if you happen to also be a creator- OpenSea created the first free minting tool- no gas costs like other sites!


“The ultimate goal of Rarible is to evolve into a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where all governance and decision rights belong to the platform users”

A community owned platform . Active users are awarded the ERC-20 RARI token to become an owner with power to vote on the site’s future.

Rarible focuses on art assets; including photography, games and memes…lots of memes.


“Instagram meets Christies”

SuperRare has a focus on single-edition, digital artwork. At the moment the NFTs on this platform are created exclusively by a hand-picked selection of artists.

Nifty Gateway

“Never miss a drop”

What makes Nifty Gateway unique are the site’s ‘drops’ of NFTs; like when Kendrick ‘drops’ new music, or Supreme ‘drops’ a new collection.

On top of this, users are able to purchase NFTs with fiat currency (USD, GBP) so it is a great place for non-crypto users to start. No need for a crypto wallet! 

The platform sells a variety of ‘Nifies’- games, art, collectables and more.


“Bridging crypto and culture”

Foundation’s focus is on digital art and empowering creators to invent a ‘new cultural paradigm’.

While this site only launched in February 2021, Foundation has auctioned some high profile NFTs; from works by Aphex Twin, and Edward Snowdon, to Nyan Cat! Raking in some of the highest prices ever seen in the NFT space.

All artworks are auctioned within 24 hours of the first bid.  If there is a bid within the final 15 minutes, the auction is extended for another 15 minutes -making for some nail-biting finishes!

Atomic Market

“A shared liquidity NFT market”

Atomic Market is a central hub for multiple smaller sites. There are a huge selection of NFTs up for grabs, but mostly centred around collectibles.

The term ‘shared liquidity’ means the NFTs sold here are listed on multiple markets. 

Known Origin

“Discover and collect rare digital artwork”

Known Origin has a focus on rare digital artwork, created from a selection of approved artists.

While a relatively new marketplace, the number of artists selling on this site in the past couple of months has doubled to over 2000!


“The premier online marketplace connecting artists and collectors through Blockchain technology”

Portion is host to a rage of artworks, including photography, digital and physical work, all created by their ‘artist community’

Working toward a decentralised community; the ERC-20 ‘Portion Token’ allows users on the site to “decentrally govern and vote on the future of the platform”

Async Art

“Art that can evolve”

A unique twist on digital artwork, Async art is a marketplace for programmable art. Artists set the parameters within which the owner can change and interact with the artwork. Artwork can also react to external live data- such as stock prices, weather or time.

Async Music is a new feature which allows artists to create music that follows the same principles- the composition can change and evolve.


“The world’s largest alternate reality”

Much more than just a marketplace, Decentraland is a virtual world that is owned and developed by its users. 

The whole world is based on plots of land, sold as NFTs. Creators can build attractions like stores and museums, host events, and be a part of a community. 

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